Tema: Šitas viskis Maksimkos 1015 atpigintų prekių sąraše :)
Autorius: Siurskis
Data: 2015-02-11 16:50:11
Iš susirašinėjimų....

I recieved a bottle of whisky labeled "CLEN BACK CANADIAN"
Fine Canadian Whisky.
The distributor is Beveland and it seems to have been bottled in Girona 
Distilled and Blended in Canada.
I cannot find any information about this Whisky what so ever.
Does anyone know anything about it?
Update : Well I do live in Canada, and the bottle was purchased in Cuba.
However I have never seen this bottle in Canadian stores, and google does 
have almost no information on it.
It would seem strange to me that it be made in Canada and bottled in Spain.
Yet not avaliable here in Canada or even found on Google.
Not one bit of information, not so much as someone blogging that they bought 
a bottle, or tried it.