Tema: Re: Ar kas bandėt tokį TP-Link power line?
Autorius: MRT
Data: 2019-04-01 11:09:10
> šimto man atrodo ten nei vienas iš jų realiai nevelka

gal.. bet yra siek tiek sansu, kad truputi daugiau su TL-PA7010..

<..> In our experience if you get 200Mbps you’ll be lucky, but that will be plenty fast enough for <..>

<..> First, we put the two adapters next to each other to test the
fastest possible scenario – although not a very realistic one.

The AV1000 managed to reach speeds of 373Mbps – which is among the
highest we’ve recorded in several years of testing.

When we moved the second adapter to a room two floors below the router
we recorded speeds of 130Mbps. That might not sound much, but it’s certainly fast
enough to stream your Netflix shows to your TV or computer. <..>